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Crystal-clear privacy policies of :

The privacy policies mentioned below includes the aggregate amount of information that any individual would like to know about their use of their personal data. Most of the users are concerned with their personal information especially the PII (Personal Identification Information).

As per the US Privacy Law and Information Security, the personal information of a user is the information that is capable of being of use on its own. This information can be used in order to identify any personal information of the user. But with McAfee antivirus, the users can be tensionless as the information is secured. Even after this statement if you feel confused then please go through the privacy policy mentioned below. After having a glance at the policies you will get an idea that how we collect, protect and handle the PII of all the users systematically.

When does collect personal information?

In case you are wondering that when does the collects your personal information then let us tell you that this happens when the user fills up any query form or use the facility of our live chat. Any means of the information provided by the users itself will be saved.

What Personal Information collects from the people visiting its website, application or blog?

It is quite common that you will be asked to enter your name, contact number, product information, and email address followed up by various other details once you have requested any third-party software support services from the This will help you in having a better experience.

How use your information?

You must have noticed the surveys, newsletter subscription marketing communications, and a lot more just floating around on the internet. You must have also responded to a few of them that might have caught your interest. Once you respond to these the information is saved by after the registration process. It may use the utilize the information in the following manner:

  1. Helps in quick responses to the customers by getting the customer request on time.
  2. It helps in enhancing the personal experience of the users. It also helps in delivering any specific kind of content or product range that is required.
  3. Helps in gaining a better experience in order to deliver a smoother functioning for the users

How protect your information? is one of the most renowned support services providers. Just like any other reputed firm, will also not want to lose its goodwill by the process of vulnerability scanning. It will never san beyond the specified PCI standard. The financial records and data are never saved by Neither do we have a hold of an SSL certificate because we never ask you to enter your credit card details. So your worry can be off the hook as we will never peril to lose our authentic users.

Do we use cookies?

Before you get to know whether we cookies or not we would like you to know what cookies actually are. While you are browsing through the net, some small files are sent to the hard drive of your system by the website or the service provider through the web browser that is in use. These cookies are responsible for better service experience by enabling the website or the service provider’s system in order to identify the browser used by you. The information that is preserved will help you respond to certain files easily. For example, you must have noticed that while shopping you must be able to witness certain kinds of items based on your previously made choices and shopping, this is because the cookies have saved your preference and information. also uses cookies in order to save the data that helps in the measurement of the traffic of the website. As a user, you will be able to able to obtain a better experience while you are browsing through the site which requires some personal information. This process is also said to deliver better tools in the future for a more user-friendly experience.

Apart from this, we also do the following by using the cookies:

  • We always save the preferences and the choices of the users who visit our sites in order to deliver a better experience in future visits.
  • We assemble the information and then save it in an organized manner. This is generally about the site traffic and the user interactions along with the activities that take place on the website that obviously will help in delivering better service in the future.
  • Sometimes we also use the trusted third-party sites and services in order to organize the data along with tracking your activities.

For the users who are comfortable with all these undertakings, they can also change the settings of their computer by allowing a notification every time a cookie is delivered to the device. You also have an option to turn off this feature permanently. But, please keep in mind that you will not be able to visit certain websites or enjoy certain features. Hence you need to turn on the setting of cookies in order to enjoy all the features and websites. You will also enjoy a better experience once you turn on the settings for cookies in the browser.

Third-party disclosure has no such policy that trades, sells or transfers the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to any third party or any other company. We believe in total transparency while executing our policies.


CAN-SPAM Act of is known for setting unyielding rules for the commercial email, providing the recipients an authority of stopping the emails from any specific sender, generates essentials for the commercial messages, and portrays severe penalties for those not obeying them and prohibiting them. collects your email address to:

  • Send any type of information
  • Respond or reply to the queries, requests or questions

We hope by now you must be clear with all the privacy policies of and must have got rid of any doubts and concerns. In case you still have some doubts then let us tell you that you can get in touch with us and our staff will assist you professionally by all terms.